Digital Readiness

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Are your employees ready for the digital era?

Now more than ever, companies are in need of cyber-responsible employees. Mastering office tools and collaborative applications is no longer an option but a key factor of performance and professional success.

Isograd’s Digital Passport assesses the digital skills of your employees, allowing you to:

Identify training needs and offer individualized development paths
The initial assessment allows you to identify the skill level of each employee and offer them training courses adapted to their specific profile.

Increase employee loyalty and optimize your training impact
Whether it is in-person or virtual, individualized training will be more motivating and engaging for your employees.

Measure program performance
Offering our evaluations to your teams on a regular basis, provides you with concrete data to measure their progress and the effectiveness of your training programs.

Optimize performance and well-being at work
More knowledgeable and confident in their skills, your employees will be able to contribute more effectively to the performance of your company.

“3F Digital Passport is suitable for all internal business profiles. The initial test is very useful because it allows us to become aware of our starting level and identify the skills that need to be improved. Once the training has been completed, the 3F certification allows us to attest internally to our level of skills on the various collaborative tools. ”

How it works?

Step 1: Skills frameworks

Because the definition of digital skills is varied and subjective, it is imperative to utilize a recognized and legitimate reference system. Our experts have chosen the European DigComp framework. The result of 10 years of research and experimentation, this framework has been adopted by all European countries and is internationally recognized.

Step 2: Co-creation of tests

Our pedagogical team works with you to identify and adapt the most relevant questions to create your test. (MCQs, in-app exercises, interactive questions, etc.).

Step 3: Help in choosing training content

Our tests are easily aligned/integrated with your training programs (e-learning or classroom). Following the initial assessment, a skills report is generated that allows for the development of individual learning paths for each employee.

Step 4: Deployment

Our experts support you through-out the deployment and management of your project, from the pilot phase to large-scale deployment.

Step 5: KPI monitoring and skills reports

Our reports generated at the end of the tests help you to quickly identify training needs, propose individualized and engaging courses, and to measure the effectiveness of the deployed training.