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Office, digital and programming skills test. Recruitment test and skills assessment.


The Google Workspace pre employment test measures a person's skills in Google Workspace. It speeds up your recruitments by allowing you to quickly assess the skills of your candidates on Google Workspace. It is made up of different types of questions reproducing situations encountered in a professional environment. At the end of the test, a precise report with the candidate's skills in % is sent to you automatically.



Google Workspace

Google Workspace assessment Domains

Environment / Slides methods

Questions in this domain cover the main features and functions of the common tabs: File, Home, Design, Insert, and Slide Show. Skills assessed include creating, inserting and selecting slides, basic and advanced functions of Slide Show view, and the configuration of print and save parameters.

Graphic objects

This domain covers the insertion and formatting of graphic objects (Charts, SmartArt), and Slides animations.

Text formatting

This domain covers text input: using text placeholders, basic and advanced formatting, bullets, and numbering, and creating and manipulating tables.

Themes & Templates

This domain covers creating, using, and managing presentation templates, as well as working with slide masters, document masters, and layouts. Skills in using and modifying pre-defined themes are also assessed.

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