VBA Excel
pre-employment test

19, 10
English, French
Adaptive, Advanced, Intermediate
Average duration
Adaptive : 25 minutes
Other : 15 minutes
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This test is relevant for :

Statistician; Project Manager

The VBA Excel pre employment test measures a person's skills in VBA Excel. It speeds up your recruitments by allowing you to quickly assess the skills of your candidates on VBA Excel. It is made up of different types of questions reproducing situations encountered in a professional environment. At the end of the test, a precise report with the candidate's skills in % is sent to you automatically.

VBA Excel assessment Domains


This domain covers the candidates’ knowledge of using Excel-related objects and all types of collections that contain objects (workbooks, worksheets, rows/columns, cells, charts). It also covers the declaration of variables, the manipulation of charts, and the management of object building blocks (fields, properties, methods, events).


This domain evaluates the candidates’ ability to code within procedures, handle procedures (conditions, loops, errors, events, etc.), and call procedures.

Dialog boxes, forms and ActiveX controls

The candidates are tested on their knowledge of ActiveX controls, simple dialog boxes (MsgBox, InputBox), and Userforms (building with the different controls, display, events, usage).

Environment and debugging tools

This domain covers the creation of custom functions, the different editor windows (properties, spy, etc.), and the use of instructions (points of interest, stop instructions, step-by-step debugging, error handling). It also covers the creation of add-ins and code protection.