pre-employment test

2019 2D
English, French
Adaptive, Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Average duration
Adaptive : 25 minutes
Other : 15 minutes
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This test is relevant for :

Visual Merchandising Project Manager; AutoCAD Draftsman

The Autocad pre employment test measures a person's skills in Autocad. It speeds up your recruitments by allowing you to quickly assess the skills of your candidates on Autocad. It is made up of different types of questions reproducing situations encountered in a professional environment. At the end of the test, a precise report with the candidate's skills in % is sent to you automatically.

Autocad assessment Domains

Interface and Settings

Questions in this domain focus on knowledge of how to identify and use the various elements of the software interface, as well as customization of this interface and the use of macros.

Drawing Tools and Modifications

This domain concerns the creation and modification of geometric shapes using precision drawing. Skills in mastering layers, blocks, and attributes are also assessed.

Layout and Annotations

In this domain, candidates are tested on the addition of hatching, text, dimensions, tables, and leader lines as well as changing the styles of these different objects.


Questions in this domain test candidates on the configuration of sheets (presentations) as well as the setting up views (windows) and management of printing scales. Skills in printing and exporting to a PDF are also assessed.