Adaptive, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
Average duration
Adaptive: 25 minutes
Other: 15 minutes

About this test

These tests are relevant for the following occupations, but are not limited to :

  • Secretary
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • and other occupations that require Calc skills on a daily basis to process, analyze, and use data via a spreadsheet in the LibreOffice environment.


The LibreOffice Calc pre-employment tests from Isograd Testing Services are excellent tools hiring managers can use to help speed up the recruitment process and determine if a candidate’s skills meet your hiring needs before scheduling an interview. These pre-employment tests measure a candidate's general skills in LibreOffice Calc, including the ability to read and interpret a Calc document, perform common calculations, and manipulate data in a table. The tests assess the theoretical skills of the candidates through various questions type such as link, drag-and-drop, click on the area, drop-down lists, etc. targeting knowledge and skills on three levels of difficulty. Candidates with strong LibreOffice Calc skills can use the software to structure information appropriately and create visual representations that make it easier for other team members to assimilate information from the data.

Our LibreOffice Calc test covers the following skills :

  • Environment / Methods
  • Data Management
  • Functions
  • Formatting

Comprehensive results

Comprehensive and easy-to-interpret competency reports are generated at the end of each test.

For recruitment, these reports help you:
  • Comparing each candidate to the required skills
  • Comparing and ranking a cohort of candidates objectively
  • Swiftly selecting the most suitable profiles
For training, these reports help you:
  • Tailoring training programs to individual needs
  • Monitoring progress made by learners
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training initiatives

Meet Our Experts

Our experts are specialists recognized for their skills in their field. They can be:
• Authors of reference material on their field
• Professionals or business coaches
• Independent trainers
• University professors