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These tests are relevant for :

  • Business Analyst
  • Biostatistician
  • Developer
  • Sata Scientist
  • and other occupations that require skills in Python, allowing one to perform tasks encountered daily in the professional environment such as back-end development of web or mobile applications.

About the tests

The Python recruitment tests from Isograd Testing Services are excellent tools hiring managers can use to help speed up the recruitment process and determine if a candidate’s skills meet your hiring needs before you schedule an interview. Technology production is an essential part of an evolving world; computer programming, with all its uses, has an integral and growing role in our world today. This means that computer programming is exceptionally important for our future as a global society. Computer programming helps with automating processes, collecting data, analyzing information and sharing knowledge to continuously innovate and improve upon existing processes. With nearly half of all program developers using Python, it is crucial for recruiters to assess candidates on their skills in this important programming language. Isograd Testing Services' Python tests assess candidates on four essential skill domains and on the Python language, its syntax, data structuring, and the use of modules. Candidates will be asked to answer MCQs, questions with drop-down lists, drag-and-drop, click-on-zone, etc., but also to solve practical exercises of situations encountered regularly in the professional environment, thereby demonstrating job readiness. Candidates with strong Python skills have an autonomous use of the programming language and can develop websites and software, automate tasks, analyze data, and represent data visually.

Python 3 tests assessment Domains

  • Language and syntax
  • Data structures and objects
  • Modules and packages
  • Code Optimization

Skills Reports

Comprehensive and easy-to-interpret competency reports are generated at the end of each assessment test. They help you to:

  • Identify candidates'skills at a glance
  • Tailor your programs to their training needs
  • Measure the effectiveness of your programs
  • Obtain group reports or progress reports

Our experts

Our experts are specialists recognized for their skills in their field. They can be:
• Authors of reference material on their field
• Professionals or business coaches
• Independent trainers
• University professors