English, French
Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
Average duration
Adaptive: 25 minutes
Other: 15 minutes

About this test

These tests are relevant for the following occupations, but are not limited to :

    and other occupations that require skills in the PHP programming language, allowing one to perform tasks encountered daily in the professional environment.


The PHP recruitment tests from Isograd Testing Services are excellent tools hiring managers can use to help speed up the recruitment process and determine if a candidate’s skills meet your hiring needs before you schedule an interview. With a little over 20% of developers using PHP, this program is one of the top 10 most used coding languages in the world. The Isograd Testing Services PHP tests assess candidates on four essential skill areas and tests them on PHP basics, syntax, language functions, parameter passing, and function creation. The practice questions target problems encountered regularly in the professional environment and cover the specific functions and techniques that need to be used to solve frequently occurring problems such as hidden variables, unchecked syntax, or other critical information found in error reports. Candidates with strong PHP skills can generate dynamic page content, create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server, collect form data, add, delete, encrypt, and modify data in your database.

Our PHP test covers the following skills :

  • PHP core language and functions
  • Algorithmic
  • PHP applied
  • PHP objects, patterns, design

Comprehensive results

Comprehensive and easy-to-interpret competency reports are generated at the end of each test.

For recruitment, these reports help you:
  • Comparing each candidate to the required skills
  • Comparing and ranking a cohort of candidates objectively
  • Swiftly selecting the most suitable profiles
For training, these reports help you:
  • Tailoring training programs to individual needs
  • Monitoring progress made by learners
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training initiatives

Meet Our Experts

Our experts are specialists recognized for their skills in their field. They can be:
• Authors of reference material on their field
• Professionals or business coaches
• Independent trainers
• University professors