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These tests are relevant for :

  • Software Engineer
  • WPF Developer
  • Application Developer
  • C# Developer
  • Game Developer
  • and other occupations that require skills in the C# programming language to perform tasks encountered daily in the professional environment.

About the tests

The C# recruitment tests from Isograd Testing Services are excellent tools hiring managers can use to help speed up the recruitment process and determine if a candidate’s skills meet your hiring needs before you schedule an interview. With close to 28% of developers using C# in their daily tasks, this program is one of the top 10 most used conding languages in the world. The Isograd Testing Services C# test assesses candidates on four (4) essential skill areas and on their knowledge of the fundamentals of C#, mastery of object-oriented programming concepts, and ability to solve common practical problems. Each test ends with an algorithmic question whose difficulty corresponds to the general difficulty of the test. Candidates with a good C# skills also have the ability to model a mathematical problem. Candidates with strong C# skills have the ability to model a mathematical problem via the production of a functional and optimized algorithm.

C# tests assessment Domains

  • C# core language and functions
  • C# applied
  • C# objects and design
  • Algorithmic

Skills Reports

Comprehensive and easy-to-interpret competency reports are generated at the end of each assessment test. They help you to:

  • Identify candidates'skills at a glance
  • Tailor your programs to their training needs
  • Measure the effectiveness of your programs
  • Obtain group reports or progress reports

Our experts

Our experts are specialists recognized for their skills in their field. They can be:
• Authors of reference material on their field
• Professionals or business coaches
• Independent trainers
• University professors