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    Our Teams tests target occupations in a wide variety of sectors: business, communication, human resources, training, IT, etc. Depending on the expected level of difficulty, they are an effective recruitment tool for positions such as: </jobs> and other features that require sufficient knowledge of Teams, enabling online communication, file sharing and meeting organization.

About the tests

Digital technology influences our daily life and transforms the way we communicate, share and work, and the health crisis has disrupted the collaborative work practices of the labor market. For telecommuting, hybrid format, mobility, coworking, co-management, etc. collaborative tools have become indispensable. They facilitate remote collaboration, real-time monitoring of project progress, task allocation, information and document sharing, promote autonomy and make communication more fluid. In this context of unprecedented digitization, the use of collaborative tools is essential for companies, for better productivity, work management and efficiency. This Teams recruitment test assesses the technical skills of candidates on the tool by testing them on the configuration, customization and knowledge of the Teams environment, the management of conversations and channels as well as on the management of files and participation in meetings. The type of questions varies according to the level of difficulty. The candidate will have to answer MCQs, drag and drop questions, click on zones, etc.

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    Skills Reports

    Comprehensive and easy-to-interpret competency reports are generated at the end of each assessment test. They help you to:

    • Identify candidates'skills at a glance
    • Tailor your programs to their training needs
    • Measure the effectiveness of your programs
    • Obtain group reports or progress reports

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