Who are we?

We are a passionate and dedicated team of developers, educational experts, and an international sales and marketing force with offices in the United States, Canada, and France.

We are committed to doing everything we can to support our customers and help them get the most out of our solutions. This is the core of our commitment.

We offer two distinct brands:

Isograd Testing Services provides off-the-shelf and custom assessment solutions for recruitment and training.
is an internationally recognized digital skills certification solution. These proficiency-based certifications allow hundreds of thousands of people around the world to demonstrate their digital competencies with a score out of 1,000 on their resume.

Our Vision
Entire careers spent within a single role or a single company are becoming a thing of the past. Employees today will have several jobs throughout their careers, with the next job utilizing and building on the knowledge and skill that they have obtained through previous education, training, and experience.

Our mission
Because digital skills are essential for professional development, our mission is to reveal these skills by providing an international standard for assessment and certification.
Tosa increases employability by helping individuals precisely identify and validate their digital skill set. We provide educators, trainers, and business professionals with reliable assessment and certification tools that meet their business needs.

Our values

We combine methodology and expertise to offer robust and reliable assessments and certifications that meet the needs of our partners.

Built to be completely transparent in response to our clients’ operational needs, the methodologies behind Tosa assessments and certifications comply with strict codes of ethics to provide fair and un-bias skill evaluation.

We are a passionate team, committed to doing everything possible to support our customers in the implementation of our tools.