Coding Competitions

Unite your developers with challenging and engaging technology problems.

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Why opt for a coding competition?

Developers communicate via non-traditional channels and languages. Making connections with developers requires a unique approach that appeals to their mindset. Coding competitions are an innovative and fun way to adapt your communication and address this community.

Engage your development community
To unite your teams or boost your community, the different competition formats we offer allow developers to share an authentic and demanding experience, regardless of their level and technology.

Identify new talent
With the right communication, a competition can attract several hundred participants.

Professionals or students, our competitions are adapted to each target audience. A competition allows you to build awareness while assessing the technical skills of participants.

Boost your employer brand
Promote your company's values, internally and externally, through this innovative format. Coding competitions incentivize internal development through the competitive nature of the event and help to retain talent in high-pressure employment markets.

The platform of the greatest competitions

10 years of experience. 100 competitions organized. 100,000 participants. Our platform allows developers to use the tools they know, in a robust and secure environment.

Customized competitions
Our pedagogical team collaborates with the best technical experts to create unique events. Format, technology, audience, we will adapt to your values!

How it works?

D-60. Framing

Define the target, the date, and the objective of the competition (Retain? Recruit? Promote a technological tool?).

D-50. Creation of the challenges

Once your objectives are clearly defined, we will help you choose the most appropriate type of competition and start creating the challenges. (Note: this step can extend up to 10 days before the start of the competition).

D-30. Communication and registration

We recommend opening registrations through the launch of a communication campaign 1 month before the event.
A pre-competition webinar can also be organized to explain all the modalities to the registrants.

D-Day. Live feed and support

Each candidate has secure access to our platform to code in real-world conditions, with the tools they know and use.
Our technical team is available and monitors the event in real time throughout the competition.
Live-action updates during the event: Twitter feed and built-in instant messaging.

Post-competition. Rankings and challenge solutions

You have access to all the results from the competition (global ranking by language accessible in real time, candidates’ code solutions). We provide you with the information you need to announce the results to the participants and your community.
The day after the competition, the solutions are posted online on our dedicated page.

Different formats


Classic and challenging format

Challenge: 4 to 6 algorithmic exercises of increasing difficulty, to be solved as quickly as possible

Audience: Developers, students

Format: 2 to 4 hours, individual participation


Infinite possibilities

Challenge: Create an algorithm to solve a unique problem, and improve upon it throughout the competition

Audience: Developers, data scientists

Format: 3 hours to 1 week, individual or team participation

CTF (Capture The Flag)

The cyber security reference

Challenge: Different problems on various cybersecurity topics (web, crypto, server, etc.)

Audience: Pen testers, developers, DevOps (or organize an awareness CTF challenge for non-specialists)

Format: 2 hours to 1 week, individual or team participation


Do you want to organize a special event or address a specific community? Our experts are here to offer you innovative formats!

Our partners

In 2020, Isograd bought the start-up h25 , a French leader in the design of technical competitions in order to offer competitions with even more innovative solutions, adapted to meet your needs.
BeMyApp is a communication and event agency that specializes in Hackathons and technical competitions: the ideal partner for a turnkey event solution with our online coding competition platform.