Isograd is the official supplier of the Master Dev of France

Since its first edition in 2013, Isograd Testing Services has been the leading provider of the MDF competition.

This competition has become one of the most prominent events in the French digital landscape. The program includes a multi-stage coding competition for qualifications and conferences featuring influential figures from the tech industry and the developer community.

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Why choose a coding competition ?

Coding competitions offer a unique, innovative opportunity to connect, engage, and communicate with developers, fostering a sense of community and excitement.

Custom coding challenges

Our team collaborates with top technical experts to design coding challenges tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific competition format, want to organize a contest around a new technology, or just want to reach a key target audience, we can create an immersive, engaging experience to align with your objectives.

Engage your community of developers

To bring your teams together or energize your community, our range of challenge formats provides developers with an opportunity to engage in an original and stimulating experience, regardless of their skill level or preferred technology.

Identify new talent

Coding competitions have the potential to attract a large number of participants, ranging from professionals to students, allowing you to scout new talent. By organizing a competition, you can assess the technical skills of the participants and identify top talent.

Boost your employer brand

Coding competitions serve as a valuable platform to communicate your company's values both internally and externally, thanks to their innovative format. They provide an opportunity to showcase your organization's core principles, beliefs, and culture.

How does it work ?

Unite your developers on a secure SAAS platform.

15 programming languages to choose from : Java, PHP, C#, C, C++, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Scala, Go, Kotlin, Cobol, Haskell, Typescript, and Swift.


Frame the Competition

Define the competition, difficulty, target, date, and objective.


Create the Challenge

Once your objectives are clearly defined, our Competition Services team will help you to select the most appropriate type of competition and get to work creating the exercises.


Review the Competition

Once the coding competition is created, we share a final version with you to test and verify the various exercises. Our Competition Services team can then assist you with any last-minute changes to your competition.

Promote Your Competition

We recommend opening registration with a promotional campaign one month before the event. A pre-event webinar can also be organized to provide registrants with all the necessary details.


Live Feed & Support

Each participant is given secure access to our platform to code under real-world conditions with the tools they know.

Our team provides real-time technical support and monitoring of your competition at no extra charge.

Competition Results

On the day after the competition, access all results, including participant rankings by category and the coding solutions used by the participants during the challenge, on a dedicated, secure page. It is up to you to announce the results to your community.

Select Your Competition Format

Algorithmic Contest

Classic and challenging format
Developers, students

1h to one week, individual or team

3 to 6 algorithmic exercises of increasing difficulty, to be solved as quickly as possible. Participants may choose one of 15 programming languages to solve the problem.

Optimization Contest

A unique format
Developers, data scientists, students

3h to one week, individual or team

Create an algorithm to solve a unique problem and improve upon it throughout the competition.

Custom Competitions

Endless possibilities
Developers, data scientists, DevOps, students

3h to one week, individual or team

Organize an extraordinary coding competition tailored to your unique needs. Our Competition Services team will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.