Who Are We?

Isograd offers two distinct brands:

Isograd Testing Services is an enterprise-level, cloud-based assessment platform that identifies training needs and offers individualized development paths to employees and prospective employees. Whether you need off-the-shelf or custom-made assessments, Isograd Testing Services helps your team recruit the best profiles, manage team performance, and put skills assessment at the center of your strategy.

Tosa is a globally recognized certification solution for digital skills, empowering hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide to showcase their digital competencies. With Tosa, individuals can highlight their abilities on their resume with a score out of 1,000 points that corresponds to five levels of proficiency.

Our Vision

Gone are the days of dedicating an entire career to one role or to a single company. In today's dynamic professional landscape, employees can expect to navigate many jobs throughout their careers, each leveraging and expanding upon the knowledge, skills, and experience gained from previous roles. This evolving career pathway allows individuals to continuously grow and adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

Our Mission

Digital skills have become indispensable for career growth. Our mission is to unlock these skills by providing an internationally recognized standard for assessing and certifying digital competencies. By doing so, we aim to enhance the employability of workers by enabling them to showcase and enhance their abilities.

Moreover, we equip companies, training providers, and educators with reliable and effective assessment and certification tools that cater to diverse profiles.

Our Values

We combine more than a decade of methodology and expertise to be able to deliver robust and dependable tests that precisely align with the requirements of our valued customers, as well as the needs of industry. All of our tests are created by subject matter experts recognized in their respective fields.

We collaborate closely with our customers and subject matter experts to develop tests that are transparent and aligned with specific operational requirements. As the creation of these tests necessitates ongoing diligence, our methodologies adhere to rigorous ethical standards.

We are a passionate and committed team that will do everything possible to support our customers and enable them to get the most out of our solutions. This is the heart of our commitment.

Our Expertise

Methodology and pedagogy

Serving your operational needs

We integrate methodology and pedagogy to provide you with assessment solutions that precisely cater to your operational needs.
Our tests utilize adaptive testing and scientific scoring within a user-friendly SaaS platform, delivering an enriching experience for employers and candidates through a host of interactive activities that include coding exercises, comprehensive multiple-choice questions (MCQs), case studies, in-application questions, and more.

A unique assessment experience

Opt for a reliable, robust, and objective evaluation

Our technology dynamically adjusts the test difficulty based on the candidate's responses and focuses on evaluating their high-level skills. The final result is determined using a scoring method rooted in Item Response Theory (IRT), ensuring a robust, precise, and unbiased score.

Comprehensive results

Comprehensive and easy-to-interpret competency reports

For recruitment, these reports help you:
  • Compare each candidate to the required skills
  • Compare and rank a cohort of candidates objectively
  • Swiftly select the most suitable profiles
For training, these reports help you:
  • Tailor training programs to individual needs
  • Monitor progress made by learners
  • Measure the effectiveness of training initiatives

The Isograd Testing Services Platform

24/7 online access without constraint

Our multilingual platform is accessible through a web browser, eliminating the need for installation, downloads, or updates. The platform’s user-friendly design streamlines the screening process for administrators and enhances the testing process for candidates.
Our testing platform is capable of accommodating a high volume of candidates simultaneously and successfully administers thousands of tests each day.

ATS Integration

Easily integrate our platform with your ATS or LMS

Easily connect our test platform to your existing ATS or LMS (such as Recruitee, Avature, Greenhouse, Cornerstone, Cleverconnect, etc.) using our API or LTI integration.


Ensure a fair and accommodating assessment process for all

Our platform is fully compatible with a wide range of Google Chrome accessibility extensions, including high contrast, color enhancer, magnifying glass, and voice reading, among others. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to adjust the test time allocated to candidates with disabilities, ensuring a fair and accommodating assessment process for all.

Protection of Personal Data

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We prioritize the privacy and security of personal information. Our stringent data protection policy ensures that any personal information collected during the assessment process is strictly used for its intended purpose and not utilized for commercial activities.