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Isograd Testing Services is a market-leading assessment platform for companies, government agencies, and educational institutions.
Equipped with a unique, adaptive technology, our skills assessment tests allow you to objectively and reliably assess the technical and computer skills of your candidates, employees, or learners.

Choose directly from an extensive catalog of off-the-shelf assessments, create your own personalized assessment tests, or host your existing tests on our powerful, customizable SaaS assessment platform.

Why should you implement skills testing ?

By implementing skills assessments into your hiring and training processes, you can ensure you’re hiring the right person for the role and reduce costs associated with a bad hire.

For recruitment :

Assessments enable you to identify the most qualified candidates for a position based on objective skills data, streamlining your talent acquisition process. On average, the cost of replacing a bad hire is 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. Companies lose an average of $15,000 per poor hire.

For training :

Assessments aid in recognizing the existing knowledge and competencies of your learners, as well as identifying areas for improvement. Initial assessments help optimize training efforts by focusing on identified skill gaps only, while final assessments showcase the candidates' skill development and the overall quality of the training.

Put skills at the center of your strategy with our unique technology

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Our assessment platform stands out as the sole solution in the market that emphasizes active practice, providing candidates with an engaging, immersive experience.

In addition to traditional multiple-choice questions (MCQs), our tests actively involve candidates by presenting them with practical exercises conducted directly in software environments or programming exercises. These exercises are based on real-life scenarios commonly encountered in professional settings.


Access an extensive catalog of off-the-shelf skills tests, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google, Wordpress, Python, and more.
Our assessments provide detailed skills reports, allowing for precise identification of skills and skill gaps, ranking candidates objectively, and comparing them against a professional benchmark.


Create your own personalized assessment in a few clicks with our embedded test editor. Select content from our item bank that includes thousands of questions. Do it yourself or work with our Assessment Services team.


Looking to host your recruitment tests, administrative competitions, or exams online ?

Host your tests on our platform and offer your candidates an engaging and immersive experience without compromising on scalability, reliability, pr data security.

Whether you are a company, training organization, or educational institution, benefit from the flexibility and performance of hosting your tests on the most advanced cloud-based assessment platform on the market.

How the Isograd Testing Services platform works

Our assessment platform has been created and is continuously maintained to address the specific needs of industry professionals.
It operates on a redundant and scalable architecture, capable of handling large volumes of tests simultaneously. The platform adheres to strict international standards for cybersecurity, personal data protection, accessibility, and equal treatment of all candidates.

An online platform accessible at any time and without constraint

Our multilingual platform is accessible through a web browser, eliminating the need for installation, downloads, or updates.
After 10 years of development in collaboration with our clients and partners, our assessment platform's user-friendly design aims to streamline the screening process for administrators and enhance the testing experience for candidates.
Capable of accommodating a high volume of candidates simultaneously, our testing platform successfully administers thousands of tests each day. Its architecture is well-suited for multi-site, enterprise, and international deployments.

An enriched candidate experience

We provide a diverse range of question types, offering approximately thirty different options. These include in-application questions, coding exercises, interactive questions featuring video/audio content, as well as case studies. Our aim is to deliver a captivating and engaging experience for both candidate and employer.

A comprehensive, easy-to-interpret skills report is generated at the end of each test that can be customized to match your branding. Comparative reports are also available to aid decision-making and enhance the efficiency of the selection process.

Test integrity

We provide two effective anti-cheating solutions to ensure the integrity of the testing process :

Asynchronous remote proctoring : This solution guarantees real exam conditions by incorporating identity validation, browser locking, and audio/video recording of the entire test session. The recorded session is reviewed by our team afterward, who use a flag system to report any incidents. This automated process ensures the highest level of security and candidates have the flexibility to take the test at their preferred time and location.

Browser full-screen mode : By enabling this feature, the browser is locked in full-screen mode, preventing access to external resources such as internet searches, emails, and documents during the test. Any attempt to exit full-screen mode is flagged, and the test is immediately interrupted. This functionality is provided at no extra cost, offering a simple yet effective way to maintain the integrity of the test.

Seamless API/LTI Integration

Easily connect our test platform to your existing ATS or LMS (such as Recruitee, Avature, Greenhouse, Cornerstone, Cleverconnect, etc.) using our API or LTI integration. This integration allows you to seamlessly administer tests directly from your own environment.