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For more than a decade, Isograd has been developing skills assessments and certifications. Isograd Testing Services provides a turnkey assessment solution for recruitment and training. Whether you need off the shelf or custom-made assessments, we are here to help you make the right choices with the right data. Recruit the best profiles, manage team performance, and put skill at the heart of your strategy with Isograd Testing Services.

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Pre-employment tests

Easily assess talent to ensure you’re hiring the most qualified candidates. Isograd Testing Services’ online solution enables your applicants to test from anywhere, at any time.
We improve hiring efficiency, reduce costs with fair non-bias screening that assists in helping with new hire training and development efforts.

Customized tests

Leverage our expertise and experience to create and/or integrate your tests on our platform. Our experts will assist you through every step of the test creation process.
Whether it's a simple aptitude test or an official exam for recruitment or training, eliminate organizational and material constraints without compromising test quality.

Digital Readiness

Now more than ever, companies need cyber-responsible employees.
Mastering office tools and collaborative applications is no longer an option, but a key factor of performance and professional success.
We provide the tools to measure the digital competency of your employees, develop individualized learning paths and engage learners throughout the upskilling process more efficiently.

Coding Competitions

Unite your developers with different challenges that allow them to share in an authentic and challenging experience, regardless of their skill level.
The non-traditional approach of our Coding Challenges appeals to their unique mindsets and are an innovative and fun way to adapt your communication and address this rapidly growing community.

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