How does it work ?


Step One:
Integrate the test with our experts

  • Integrate your test content with our question creation tool, which offers more than 30 types of self-correcting or manually corrected questions.
  • Import your multiple choice or short answer questions directly into our platform from an Excel file.
  • Customize your reports with graphs, scores, summaries, and more.

Step Two:
Choose an anti-cheating solution

We provide three effective anti-cheating solutions to ensure the integrity of the testing process:

Asynchronous remote proctoring:This solution guarantees real exam conditions by incorporating identity validation, browser locking, and audio/video recording of the entire test session. The recorded session is reviewed by our team afterward, who use a flag system to report any incidents. This automated process ensures the highest level of security and candidates have the flexibility to take the test at their preferred time and location.

Browser full-screen mode: By enabling this feature, the browser is locked in full-screen mode, preventing access to external resources such as internet searches, emails, and documents during the test. Any attempt to exit full-screen mode is flagged, and the test is immediately interrupted. This functionality is provided at no extra cost, offering a simple yet effective way to maintain the integrity of the test.

Validation test: a short test composed of four questions to verify the candidate's identity. The validation test is performed at a later date in the interview process and is provided at no extra cost.


Last step:
Use the platform

Make the most of our online platform's flexibility, which is accessible without the need for installation or downloads. It is equipped with all the essential features to efficiently handle a high volume of candidates and results, such as:

  • Personalized candidate invitation system with automatic reminders.
  • Automatic delivery of results and skills reports.
  • Anti-cheating measures.
  • Asynchronous online monitoring solution.
  • Report generation and competency indicator tool.
  • Integration with leading LMS and ATS platforms through LTI or API.