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Adaptive, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
Average duration
Adaptive: 25 minutes
Other: 15 minutes

About this test

These tests are relevant for the following occupations, but are not limited to :

    Our Microsoft 365 Collaborative Tools tests target occupations in a wide variety of sectors, from business, to communication, to human resources, training, IT, etc. Depending on the expected level of difficulty, our tests are an effective recruitment tool for positions such as:
  • Sales manager
  • Communication Manager
  • HR Recruiter
  • Product Manager
  • Aftersales Aanager
  • Developer


Whether you're a professional or an individual, mastering Office 365 collaborative tools can improve your productivity and performance in business or in your everyday life. With the advent of telecommuting, hybrid working, mobility, coworking, co-management, and more, collaborative tools have become indispensable. They facilitate remote collaboration, real-time monitoring of project progress, task allocation, information, and document sharing while promoting autonomy and streamlining communication. In this context of unprecedented digitization, mastery of collaborative tools is of prime importance to companies, as it ensures greater employee productivity. Whether you're recruiting or training, our Office 365 collaborative tools assessment test is here to help you quickly identify your candidates' skills. Our combination of interactive questions and practical exercises distinguishes our Office 365 collaborative tools test by immersing candidates in a professional environment. Candidates with strong skills in managing Office 365 collaboration tools don't just collaborate online; they participate in teamwork, share, and edit documents with precision, and impact the performance of their teams.

Our Microsoft 365 Collaborative Tools test covers the following skills :

  • Environment 365
  • Sharing/Storing files
  • Organization
  • Communication

Comprehensive results

Comprehensive and easy-to-interpret competency reports are generated at the end of each test.

For recruitment, these reports help you:
  • Comparing each candidate to the required skills
  • Comparing and ranking a cohort of candidates objectively
  • Swiftly selecting the most suitable profiles
For training, these reports help you:
  • Tailoring training programs to individual needs
  • Monitoring progress made by learners
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training initiatives

Generate Test Reports Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

What are the differences between a traditional report and a report generated with AI?

  • A more detailed description of the competency domains.
  • A more comprehensive progress report.
  • Personalization of the overall summary.
  • Precise recommendations based on the training pathway.

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