Why assess your candidates?

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs
Reduce time-to-hire, hire candidates ready to hit the ground running, and reduce costs associated with employee turnover.

Fair, Non-Bias Screening
Fair and non-bias evaluations highlight abilities that may not be evident during the interview process and ensures that your candidate pool contains the most qualified candidates.

Jump-start Training & Development
ISOGRAD’s pre-employment assessments provide an individualized starting point for training and development once a candidate has been hired.

“I was recruiting for an executive assistant position and really wanted to screen applicants based on their computer skills. Because the process was so easy, I was able to screen over 50 applicants and narrows it down to 7 people for in-person interviews. It was well worth the money I spent to get the most qualified applicant for my position.”
-Janine Weihe
Director of Operations, Metropolitan King County Council

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How it works?

Import your candidates

Manually add candidates one at a time as needed, or save time and import multiple candidates at once using a spreadsheet. All that’s needed are the candidates’ names and email addresses

Register your candidates

Easily register individual candidates or a group of candidates for a test with just a few clicks. Once you’ve registered your candidates, send a personalized test invitation via email. They can then test whenever its convenient for them.

Receive candidate results reports

When a candidate completes an assessment, you can elect to receive detailed results reports. Customize results report settings to meet your needs, depending on the assessment you’ve chosen.

Platform Benefits

Our testing platform has been developed in-house to meet the requirements of hiring professionals. It is based on a redundant and scalable architecture suitable for large volumes of tests. It complies with international standards for cybersecurity, personal data protection, accessibility, and equal treatment between applicants.


Always online

Our multilingual platform is completely browser-based meaning there are no installations, downloads, or updates necessary. This also allows for easy access to our intuitive administrator site.
Its ergonomics are the result of ten years of development with our clients. It has been designed to save recruiters time and enrich the candidates’ experience.
Designed to handle a large number of test candidates simultaneously, our platform delivers thousands of tests daily. Its architecture is adapted for multi-site and international deployments.

An enriched experience

Real world questions.

Our question bank contains more than 30,000 items to choose from and multiple question types including live in-application, coding exercises, and multiple choice. Candidate results are instantly displayed in detailed skills reports.
We offer more than thirty different types of questions, including tasks to be performed directly in a software, coding exercises, interactive and immersive questions with video / audio, or even case studies, to offer candidates a user-friendly and stimulating experience which will positively impact your employer brand.
The result is sent to you immediately in clear and detailed skills reports. Comparative reports facilitate decision making and also contribute to the efficiency of the selection process.

Anti-Cheating Functionality

Testing with integrity

We offer two distinct anti-cheating solutions:
A Remote Proctoring solution that includes identity validation, browser lockout, and audio / video recording of the test session. The recording is reviewed afterwards by our team who reports incidents via a flag system. The process is fully automated. This solution offers real exam conditions while allowing the candidate to take the test where and when they want. It is recommended for high-stake assessments. Additional costs apply.

The browser full screen mode:
Locking the browser enforces the test session integrity by limiting access to external resources such as internet searches, chats, or unauthorized documents. Full screen mode exits are flagged and cause the test to be interrupted. This feature is available at no additional cost.

Easy Integration

Making it easy for you

Seamlessly integrate Isograd tests within ATS, LMS, CRM, or ERP platforms (like Blackboard, Moodle, Workday, NEOGOV, Salesforce, EDX, Canvas, etc.) via our API or LTI.