Custom test

We are putting our expertise and experience to work to create and/or integrate your tests on our platform. We will assist you through every step of the test creation process: test logic (adaptive, sequential, decision tree, random, etc.), question types, scoring method, questions calibration, results reports, etc.

Whether it's for a simple aptitude test or an official exam, in a recruitment process or a training program, eliminate organizational and material constraints without compromising on test quality. Host your tests on one of the most powerful SaaS platforms on the market.

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Why choose us?

For over 10 years, we have been developing and distributing assessments, competitive challenges, and international certifications. We offer our expertise to those looking to design, host, and/or deliver their online tests without having to compromise on:

  • Test validity and reliability
  • User experience
  • Accessibility to the greatest number of people
  • Compliance with local and international regulations
  • Security and protection of personal data

How it works?

We provide you with our publishing tools and a team of experts to help design and host your tests.
Our experts assist you in :

  • Analyzing your objectives and the context of the evaluation
  • Identification of the skills to be assessed
  • The development of the skills repository
  • Defining the number and type(s) of questions
  • Defining the test format
  • Defining the results and the data to be returned

Select the questions from our database:

Select from +30 000 multiple choice questions, interactive activities, audio or video questions, case studies, software environments, code exercises, etc. Questions are available in 5 languages and organized by skill domains and difficulty level.

Create or import your questions:

Create or integrate your content with our question editing module offering over 30 types of questions with automatic or manual correction, or allow our dedicated team to do this for you.
We can also import your multiple choice or free response questions directly from an Excel file.

Your online test is ready to use

As the last step, our experts configure the test and add it to your account. Take advantage of the flexibility of our online platform, which is accessible without installation or download and has all the features required to manage a large number of candidates and results:

  • Customizable candidate invitation system with automatic reminders
  • Automatic delivery of results and competency reports
  • Anti-cheating features
  • Asynchronous online monitoring solution
  • Report and indicator generator
  • Integration with most LMS and ATS via LTI/API.